The Optimal Educational Track

Most students complete the Doctor of Medicine MD Program at XUSOM on an optimal track that can lead to graduation in less than four years. The MD program is designed to be continuous with minimal time off. Each term serves as a building block for subsequent terms. Prolonged breaks between terms disrupt the educational experience; leaves of absence are discouraged. Medical school to a large extent is preparatory for postgraduate training. In the US, residency program directors look for graduates able to handle the demands of postgraduate training and to complete three to five years of a residency program without interruption. A gauge of this is a student’s satisfactory academic progress through medical school.

After successfully completing basic science requirement, students are eligible to enter the clinical program. XUSOM does require US Medical Licensure Examination (USMLE) Step 1 for promotion. Students take this examination in order to train at affiliated hospitals in the US and to start on the pathway to US residencies and licensure.



During the clinical terms, promotion depends on passing clerkships, sub internships and electives. No formal break exists between terms during clinical training nor is a special mechanism necessary to promote students from one clinical term to another. After passing one clinical rotation, a student then goes on to the next scheduled rotation. Students must complete all of their clinical training within three years from the start of their clinical program.