No Student Left Behind - Mentoring Program

This is a student mentoring program designed to help students at the start of their clinical rotations. This program will assign a mentor to each student beginning clinical rotations, in an effort to help minimize any stress or uncertainty during this period of their medical career. 

How Does the Program Work?

Students will either chose their mentor, or one will be assigned based on the rotations they are taking (location, preceptor, subject).  Mentors will provide information, and assist with any questions new clinical students may have about the specific rotation experience. 

How to Become a Mentor

To become a mentor, you must:

1) Have finished all core rotations.

2) Be willing to dedicate a minimum of two hours to each mentee during each core rotation. 

3) Be in good academic standing with XUSOM.

4) Agree to be honest, provide useful information, tips and tricks that will benefit the mentee. 

5) Agree to take on at least three mentees at one time. 

Mentor Responsibilities

A mentor must be a reliable source of guidance to their mentee. They are there to share knowledge and useful tips to aid in the students success. This may include:

  • Providing information for useful study materials to use in each rotation.
  • Scheduling one on one meetings prior to the start of the rotation, at mid rotation, and/or whenever the student request. This will be set up by the mentor, based on each others schedules. 


Other Important Notes

The mentor is there to help guide new clinical students, as they have recently gone through the same process themselves. Keep in mind that each student's experience is different, and study techniques can vary. A mentor is not a preceptor or professor, but is a friendly guide that will offer feedback and advice on core rotations. 

Always be respectful of each other's schedules, and methods. If a student feels that they are not a good match with their mentor, they can reach out to the Clinical Office and request a change.