The Clinical Training Manual serves three important functions: 

  1. Helping students reach the outcome objectives of the School of Medicine.
  2. Functioning as a useful handbook to guide students through the many school and regulatory policies and requirements that characterize this segment of their medical education.
  3. Providing the major academic and policy document for our affiliation agreements with hospitals and submissions to accrediting agencies. 

The three sections of the Manual detail the structure of the clinical program, the clinical curriculum, the relationships with affiliated hospitals and the procedures, rules and regulations required to function in health care settings and apply for post-graduate training in the US. This Manual has evolved in response to accrediting agencies, residency and licensing requirements, clinical faculty input and the cumulative experience of XUSOM medical students who have successfully completed the clinical terms. We hope that students and faculty use this Manual to help them with both long range educational goals and day-to-day functioning. We recommend that students read this Manual carefully and use it as a reference. This Manual is subject to change and continuously revised and updated as necessary.