Appendix A: Health Requirements for Clinical Rotation


In order for the student to start their clinical rotations they need to complete the following, keep in mind some hospital may require additional paperwork


Students must have a physical examination completed within 6 -12 months prior to the start of their first clinical rotation, dated and signed by your personal physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant.



Screening consists of a 2-step PPD test or an interferon gamma release assay blood test, e.g. QuantiFERON - TB Gold within 6 months prior to the start of their first rotation. This requirement is only for students who do not have a history of a positive PPD.

The 2 step PPD consists of 2 PPD skin test administered 1 – 3 weeks apart. The PPD must be indicated in millimeters. If you choose the QuantiFERON - TB Gold, a single screening will complete the TB requirements as long as the result is negative. Students with a history of BCG vaccination or anti-tuberculosis therapy are not excluded from this requirement.

If your QuantiFERON-TB Gold is positive or your PPD is >10mm now or by history, you need not repeat these. In this case, the following statement must be signed and dated by a physician and submitted along with the official report of a recent chest x-ray. This must be done annually.

“I have been asked to evaluate _______ (student name) because of a positive PPD (>10mm) or a positive QuantiFERON - TB Gold. Based upon the student’s history, my physical exam and recent chest X-ray (date < 6 months), I certify that the student is free of active tuberculosis and poses no risk to patients.” The exam and the chest x-ray should be completed within 6 months prior to the start of the first rotation.


1. Serum IgG titers

Students are required to submit laboratory copies of serum IgG titers for measles, mumps, rubella, varicella and hepatitis B. If any of the measles, mumps or rubella serum IgG titers indicated non-immunity, students must submit evidence of a MMR vaccination obtained after the non-immune titer date. For a non-immune varicella titer, two varicella vaccines must be obtained at least 30 days apart after the date of the non-immune titer. If the student has received a varicella vaccines as child, that vaccine date may be used as proof of one of the two required varicella vaccines.

Completion of the hepatitis B series (3 vaccinations) is a mandatory requirement. Students need to submit the dates of vaccination and the results of a serum hepatitis B surface antibody test obtained after the series was completed. If the hepatitis B titer result indicates non-immunity, students will satisfy SGU requirements by submitting proof of one additional vaccine after the titer result date. Students should also check with your personal physician who may advise further vaccines and titers.

  • Tdap vaccination within five years is mandatory
  • Completing the meningococcal is mandatory


Students should also review the health form recommendations for polio and hepatitis A vaccinations.


After starting clinical training, and in order to continue, students will be required to submit evidence of:

  • Tuberculosis screening every eleven months. Screening consists of a PPD skin test or an interferon-gamma release assay blood test, e.g. QuantiFERON-TB Gold. In addition to annual TB screening,
  • Influenza vaccination every year. The vaccine changes annually and is only considered valid for one influenza season. A new vaccine is usually made available in September of every year. Students should be vaccinated before November 1, keep written proof of vaccination and be prepared to present it to hospitals.
  • PPD Screening
  • 10 Panel Drug Screen
  • Physical Exam
  • National Background Screening
  • HIPPA Certification